Saturday, March 8, 2014

New from Prius Re-builders Israel... Our first Lithium Hybrid Battery Re-build

Last Month we received our first customers with a Lithium Hybrid Battery from the Prius Plus!!!

   This battery makes the prius gen 1 pack look like a fossilized dinosaur.....

This car is only sold in japan and parts of Europe and is basically a Prius V with the Hybrid Battery between the driver and passengers seat. This allows extra space in the trunk to be used for another row of seats making the Prius Plus the only seven seater Prius available.
We received this battery for repair after the car was involved in accident and the Hybrid Battery drained to the point where it could not longer start the car.

Our analysis on this battery and comparison the traditional NIMH packs:
Well for starters it's a Lithium battery 56 cell battery vs the traditional 168 cell NIMH, but with a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts per cell it adds up to the same voltage as a traditional pack (201.6v when discharged).

  • Bus Bars are Nickel Plated on top of copper!!! (seems like they’re just playing catch up with us....)
  • The cells are individually monitored... that means 56 voltages to watch vs 14 on a traditional battery pack.
  • It has two air intakes vs the traditional one
  • The cells lie one on top of each other in two rows of 28 vs traditional NIMH which are all in one row.
  • It weighs in at 24 kilos or 55 pounds so its a bit lighter than the NIMH packs
  • It sits vertically vs the traditional battery lying flat
  • The Bus Bar nuts are all 9mm vs traditional batteries at 8mm

Pictured with cover removed and first layer of cells removed...
More pictures are available on our facebook page

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